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Our Pastor
Pastor Dr. Charles A. Smith and First Lady Gracie SmithPastor Dr. Charles A. Smith, for over four decades, has and continues to faithfully walk with God. 
He was ordained into the ministry in October, 1970 by Bishop Kenneth Bacon of Dallas, Texas and received in April, 2004 an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree from the Universal Life Church.
Pastoring, evangelism, and teaching are all encompassed in the ministry of Pastor Smith.  His resume of service includes serving for 30 years as the Assistant Pastor of an inner city church in Atlanta, Georgia; ministering in the islands of Jamaica and Bermuda; teaching and ministering to thousands via radio, television, conventions (both national and local) and seminars; ministering for many decades in the prisons to the incarcerated; and, currently, serving as the Pastor of Message of Truth Ministries (since 1986).
The ministry of Pastor Dr. Charles A. Smith has blessed, healed, delivered and brought to Christ countless numbers of people, and many more will experience the same through his ministry. 
Pastor Smith is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia and is happily married to First Lady Gracie Smith.  He is a father and a grandfather; as well as, the spiritual father of many.
Pastor Dr.Charles A. Smith is a man who is loved and appreciated by all who know him:  his family; his congregation; and countless numbers of people.
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